The Team


Centre Manager

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I am the centre manager of Meon Vale Leisure Centre. My goals for the centre are to maximise the community involvement by offering a variety of community activities for all ages to ensure everyone in the local area can be included. The ultimate goal we have here at Meon Vale Leisure Centre is to ensure everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have accessibility to reach their best health potential.


Personal Trainer

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I have always been into my exercise and fitness, from Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics, Rugby & Football to my current Sport of Powerlifting which I have trained in for 7 years.

The gym is there to provide you the resources you need to achieve your goals; whether it is Strength, Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Training, Mobility or General Well Being.

Being a personal trainer for over 5 years at the leisure centre I have worked alongside our members in helping them achieve their fitness goals.


Personal Trainer

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I started off my fitness career here at Meon Vale Leisure centre. I have been an instructor for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment of it.

Doing high intensity training is what I like the most. Both teaching it and doing it myself. I have also taken adolescence through a series of exercises to aid in their muscle development.

Knowing first-hand how daunting a gym can be, making sure that the customers have the best experience when they come into our centre from greeting at the reception desk to training them in the gym, I want to make sure that each client has a unique experience with us.


Personal Trainer

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I started out by attending the gym as a hobby, from there I decided I wanted to take it further and become a personal trainer. I am qualified as a level 3 PT and have enjoyed helping and progressing people in and outside of the gym. Any gym can be a daunting place, but I want to show you otherwise!


Personal Trainer

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Hi I’m new trainer at MVLC. I believe in making fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone. As a trainer, I prioritise creating a supportive and inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable and confident throughout your fitness experience.

I believe that fitness goes beyond just physical health and can positively impact mental and emotional well-being. That's why I work closely with my clients to develop personalised fitness plans that cater to their individual needs and goals. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or looking to take it to the next level, I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way.