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Need to tone up for a special occasion? Recover from an injury? Or get back in shape after a baby? Our friendly personal trainers will help you stay on track to achieve your fitness goals.

They will create a bespoke workout that suits your needs and aims; advise you on healthy eating; keep you motivated and, most importantly, ensure you have fun!

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Personal training team

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    Aaron Winters PT
    Personal Trainer

    Select Aaron for:

    • Fat loss
    • Pad work, boxing and kick boxing
    • Conditioning
    • Functional training
    • GP referral
    • Pre & post natal

    Aaron’s story:

    Aaron’s fitness story started when he was young playing football. His father coached the team he played for and gave him specialist goalkeeper training which linked in with his army background. The functional fitness he was trained in gave him great enjoyment and Aaron applied these methods more and more as time went on. Aaron also was involved in a variety of martial arts from a young age which developed into the MMA fighting and training he currently undertakes.

    Aaron says:

    I train a lot on the 5 main lifts; deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, bar bell row and everyone’s favourite, the squat. I believe all of these are fundamental for developing strength as well as functionality. Boxing, Thia boxing, and jujitsu are a huge part of my MMA training, also along with conditioning with battle ropes and tyres. I cater to my clients in how they like to train as I enjoy a huge variety of training methods.


    • 10 sessions £250
    • 5 sessions £130
    • 1 session £30
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    James Freeman PT
    Personal Trainer

    Select James for:

    • Strength
    • Strongman
    • Sport specific training
    • Mass
    • Fat loss

    James’s story:

    James has been through several body transformation over the past 12 years. An overweight 20 year old weighing 20 stone he turned things around reducing his weight to 11 stone in just 18 months resulting in being featured in Men’s Health Magazine. James then suffered several knee injuries so changed his focus to body building taking his weight up to 14.5 stone with 12% body fat. James suffered lapses from family life but then got back on track taking himself back from 16.5 stone to 14.5 stone and now James is back on the road to body building.

    James says:

    “I don’t know if you heard me counting but I did over a thousand” I train for volume, putting my muscles under maximum stress and suffering for as many set and reps in my sessions as possible, rest periods are short and then I am back in, keeping fat burning potential high the whole way through and long after my workout. As a trainer I drive my clients towards their results with the same passion, energy and focus I apply to my own.


    • 10 sessions £250
    • 5 sessions £130
    • 1 session £30
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    Natasha Edwards PT
    Personal Trainer

    Select Natasha for:

    • Low back pain
    • Toning & fat loss
    • Women specific training
    • HIIT
    • Cardiac rehabilitation

    Natasha’s story:

    Natasha’s background in competitive cheerleading and gymnastics has shaped her training methods to specialise in core and functional movements. Natasha has now moved on to cross fit based training because the core movements and training disciplines are relatable and helps her keep on top of her own lean muscle gains and fat loss. Natasha also competes nationally in Fit League.

    Natasha says:

    Your body only achieves what your mind believes. I focus training around high intensity circuits to challenge my body, blast fat and keep training interesting. I have a positive outlook on training and always focus on what can be achieved and how I can overcome the times I fail.


    • 10 sessions £250
    • 5 sessions £130
    • 1 session £30